Feminism in the Trump Era

Check out my video here

Who is fighting against Trump for women’s rights? Who are the feminist icons in our society that are pushing to move forward with America’s legislation rather than backwards?

With older feminist icons such as Camille Paglia supporting Trump, it’s a wave of new feminists, not so much “icons” as everyday activists, fighting against legislations in the public sphere. This video takes examples of Trump’s sexism and contrasts it with speeches from the Women’s March in Washington after the 2016 election, with speeches from celebrities who are standing up for women’s rights.

The march was attended by Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Madonna, Emma Watson and Alicia Keys to name a few, and was larger than the inauguration. Goes to show that there are a huge amount of people who are fighting for change and resisting the fall backwards in order to move forward with the political system.




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