Introducing the Internet


Ah, the Internet. The world we know now would not be possible at all without it as everything around us is converging online.

The introduction of the internet is a topic that’s a little closer to home for our generation, although our earliest memories still probably involve instant connection and Google with a vague recollection of telephones and downloads stopping when our parents were on the phone for an hour.

Along with the introduction of the television, the internet was a huge milestone in our technological history. It was an innovation that allowed global communication and an endless amount of content and information at our fingertips, and so complicated that people were quite unsure where to begin using it.

“Compared to what we’re using today, the version of the Internet that first came out seems so simple and basic in comparison. At the time, though, it was so advanced,” said Sarah.

It was particularly integral in its invention for workplaces. “My business wouldn’t exist without it,” says John, a bookkeeper who works for himself. “I’m able to work from my office at home instead of driving to clients in Sydney through email, and through this time I’m saving I’m able to do more work for other clients. You don’t realise how dependant you are on it until there’s a blackout and you can’t automatically connect with clients.”

For our parents, they can easily remember performing their jobs without the Internet. For our age, however, our degree would be non-existent without it. The web has evolved so much that entire jobs are built around it, and we’ll spend our entire careers utilising it and figuring it out. When it comes to communication purposes for workplaces there’s no replacement for it, with so many businesses with online profiles and constant communication via email.

“I’m always on my email. For work, and especially to keep in contact with friends that moved to the States. I even email John throughout my work day,” Sarah laughs.

In the home, Sarah and John use a broadband wireless network that works quite efficiently with all different devices. They connect to their wifi with the main computer, laptops, the iPad and mobiles.

“The internet has become much more frequently used in the last couple of years, especially with Apple products, like their phones and iPads, that are easier to use and have lots of features on them,” Sarah commented.

Always a feature of the house, they have found that Internet usage has increased with the development of devices, apps and the Internet itself. It appears that easy usage and access will allow the Internet to become even more of a staple feature of the family household.


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