Introducing Home Entertaiment


In an age of constant technology updates, we will remember the birth of the iPhone and the creation of Facebook. Our parents, however, recall the introduction of the television into the family home. Most of us don’t think about it as it has become such a staple in the living room, so I talked to my parents about their young memories of television in a society that wasn’t used to it.

The television came to Australia in the 1960’s, the decade that both my parents were born into.

“I don’t remember not having one,” said Sarah. “But it was more of a treat for us when we were children rather than something we were always allowed to do.”

There is definitely a difference between television consumption in their generation compared to ours. In a time when television is so normal it becomes just another activity in our daily lives, and children today are introduced to it much earlier.

My father, John, remembers black and white television for a small time of his early childhood. “When colour came it was so amazing to us. Compared to the T.V’s we have now it’s pretty laughable but at the time it was this huge breakthrough in technology.”

My parents recall watching children’s programmes such as Skippy and the Brady Bunch in the afternoons with their siblings, however they would always go outside and play if they were seeing friends. “Watching television with friends didn’t really start until I was in High School,” Sarah remembered.


As they grew older television habits changed as it became a more familiar part of the family home. As is the same with any technology there is a period of adapting and creating habits for future users. I wonder what stories we will be telling our children.



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