Tweet tweet: The every day celebrity


Celebrities always seem like these untouchable creatures living in another bubble. You can follow them on most social media platforms and watch them on television, however there is something very impenetrable and unattainable about their lives that sets them apart from the rest of society. This status, however, is not completely as unachievable as so many people think.

Enter the micro celebrity, someone who is still well-known without living out their lives exclusively in the Hollywood Hills. How has this been able to happen? Social media. Having a social media presence is all about branding yourself and the image you put out to others. People on Twitter are being coveted for various reasons, for example their career or humour. Likewise, many micro celebrities have emerged on the pages of Instagram with envy evoking feeds projecting their lifestyles. Those with a large social media following are indeed building careers from sponsoring or modelling opportunities they gain from this, building a whole new world of the micro famous.

As with the famous being famous for being famous, the micro famous are micro famous for simply being micro famous. Is it a new, society encompassing fame, or is it just the same old?


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