Remix: Making old into new

Remix meme


Remix culture is indeed on the rise. Remixing allows for people to use the work of someone else and change it or add something extra to make it their own, or mixing two things together. There have been so many projects that have come from remixing and adding a different perspective that an audience responds to. The accessibility of content online has allowed for people to easily download and edit files to create something different. Remixing has had growing prevalence. An example of a popular form of remixing is Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’ segment, where artists take over and perform their own twist on another artist’s song.


Some argue that this is an issue in terms of copyright – how are we supposed to tell the difference between remixing and copying? Remixing has become such a large and acceptable creative process that it is now minimizing the amount of copyright incidences. Consumers certainly aren’t complaining; it may be using the same materials, but something better is coming from something good, with both artists gaining credit.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to remixing.


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