Intelligence in numbers

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The convergence of media to online platforms has caused several industries to morph, in particular journalism. It is obvious that traditional journalism practices are fast becoming redundant; print media is steadily declining as all information becomes accessible online.

Traditional journalism has moved to citizen journalism, where information gained by people with an online presences is being acknowledged. While some mourn the loss of traditional journalism practices, this age of citizen journalism has led to a far more informed society. Writers are gaining more authority for their individual voices and opinions, and the wide array of information available means that there is a variety of opinions on the same issue, therefore providing numerous angles and perceptions and eliminating control by one publisher.

Big news corporations are fearing for their businesses as citizens begin to take over. The news is all around us and, if we continue to capture it and display it online, we will eliminate the need for any traditional journalism and eradicate the need for gatekeepers.



One thought on “Intelligence in numbers

  1. This was a great, concise post. I’m glad that you make the point about Journalism being a redundant practise, mostly because I just dropped the subject! seems like I made a good decision. It is true that legacy media just cannot compete with citizen journalism and the notion of collective intelligence, an affordance that the internet has provided us with. We can effectively be journalists ourselves now which is certainly an interesting concept. What’s even scarier is this shift can already seen to be in effect! as Ted mentioned in the lecture roughly 2,020 employee’s have been fired in the last 4 years alone, and i think there is much more to come. Perhaps you could provide an example of this in your post as evidence. Keep the posts coming đŸ™‚


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