Creative content: Is it online art?

When it comes to  digital making, there’s a whole world online filled with the digital crafts of numerous creative people. From little corners of Youtube to famous graphic designers, more and more people are experimenting with the vast amount of programmes to make something.

What exactly does classify as ‘digital making’? Does it extend beyond the concept of content creation? Seeing as initial internet content was majorly written, digital making adds a whole other dimension to this realm, diversifying the range of content available online. The sheer amount of online tools that are out there to produce digital creative work has allowed for innovative creations and experimentation with new forms. Being produced online, anyone can view it. So who can make it?

If anyone can consume it, then anyone can produce it. As with written content, there are no qualifications or previous skills necessary for online craft. Above is a link to a soundscape I put together; I have no artistic ability on paper, but digitally I could make something. It’s creative and it’s online: have I made digital art? If so, this brings about an exciting opportunity for so many people and opens up a whole new career path, allowing the previously unartistic to be artistic. Who’s to say we can’t be?


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