Transmedia: A whole new world


Gone are the days of purchasing novels to experience a story. First there came cinema and television, and now that is being rivaled by a new form: transmedia.

It’s no longer about simply telling the story. Transmedia has an edge over its competing mediums and brings something new to the table; the chance for audiences to participate and experience the stories instead of simply observing.

While creative minds may revel in the imagination of reading a book, modern audiences have been conditioned to a shorter attention span and look for an authentic imaginative experience.

Every Harry Potter fan holds the burning desire to attend Hogwarts, a dream that is far closer to being realised thanks to website Pottermore, an interactive online experience and exploration of the magical world. Not only does this continue to satisfy existing fans, the online medium reaches an entire new audience that don’t enjoy reading and prefer the ease of online entertainment.


While it may not be a letter to Hogwarts, it’s close enough (for now).


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