Free the News

News online

The shift of media to online sources was inevitable as the Internet accumulated such a huge presence. But how much of our lives are we living online?

Remember going to the news agency and buying a newspaper? Me neither. As the news is now all available online, there’s simply no point of spending money to purchase it weekly when it can be easily accessed online.

The news formula used to be much more simple. Journalists would write up news stories which would then be published in print form or recorded and broadcast. With a smaller availability, news could be easily monitored and controlled by corporations and the government.

Media convergence  now means that sources can come from anywhere. There’s no filter for content, meaning people can publish anything online and it can be consumed by anyone. The internet eliminates cost and has a huge reach in terms of audience. However, the credibility of any online source is questionable as we don’t know where it is coming from and whether the information is reliable.

News consumers must decide: quality or quantity?



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