Technological Convergence: Join One, Join All

Our world now is all online. When you wake up, the first thing you do is check your phone, and it’s often the last thing you check before going to bed. The mediums we use have updated with the innovation and development of new technologies that we never knew we needed until they are introduced.

All of this seems to be controlled by a small variety of companies who are monopolizing the market. Everyone is familiar with the Apple vs. Android debate, with one side developing a new model and the other side closely following with a same-but-different product.

With a change in medium comes a whole new way to use it. Technological companies specialising in other areas update their products to join the new medium. The podcast above discusses our use of social applications. Whilst Apple competes with Android, Facebook competes with Twitter, Vine competes with Snapchat and Tumblr competes with Pinterest.

With so many versions of the same thing, it’s impossible to find and use them all. In the game of Apps, who will win?


One thought on “Technological Convergence: Join One, Join All

  1. Hey! Great post, I completely agree that the first thing we do when we wake up is to check our phones and right before we go to sleep because I definitely do that! I thought it was good you had more than one person in your audio it made it more interesting to get different perspectives and opinions. It’s very true that there are so many of the same thing in the app store that it’s hard to decide which one to get! It was an engaging post, I enjoyed reading and listening 🙂


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