What came first: the medium or the message?

YEQafgy - Imgur

Constantly evolving, the media has consistently been one of the largest communication organisms to communicate messages to the wider public. It was all pretty simple until a man named Marshall Mcluhan came and baffled us all with one sentence: the medium is the message.

The statement is deliberately paradoxical and has therefore provoked many different opinions on its meaning. Several conclusions can be reached based on individual perspective, and it is ultimately up to one’s self to decipher the meaning.

In literal terms, the medium is the message. So the message is the medium. In other words, the general idea that Mcluhan is hinting at is that the medium in which we choose to communicate contributes more meaning than the message itself.

Mcluhan proposes that “the content of any medium is always another medium”, and that it is the mediums that are constantly evolving and displaying the context of their respective times. Mcluhan also states that “a medium is any extension of ourselves”, thus proving his point that the medium speaks more volume about the communicator than the message being conveyed.

Even with his reasoning, Mcluhan’s idea has indeed provoked reactions opposing his message (or is it medium?). Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide.


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